3D building database provides very high precision representation of buildings and architectural structures in urbanized cities and locations of interest.

The demand for 3D building database have grown exponentially with more WiMax and 4G networks being deployed in major cities around the world. Besides, 3D building databases are also getting popular and used in many geospatial applications and modeling like disaster management and mitigation, urban/town planning, homeland security and defense and intelligence, just to name a few.

3D Building Database

This is a set of very high quality deterministic (3D) database where the building footprints are digitized from very high resolution stereoscopic satellite and/or aerial images and LiDAR data.


The building height information are extracted through a triangulation process from these stereoscopic images (1m resolution or higher) and tagged as an atribute to each building. Users will be able to model, analyze and visualize this deterministic database using commonly available commercial 3D modeling software packages.


Besides being widely used in advanced 3.5G and 4G network modeling and deployments, this 3D deterministic database is also high in demand for other geospatial applications like urban disaster management and mitigation, urban/town planning and developments, homeland security and defense and intelligence, just to name a few.

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