2D regional statistical database offers very attractive and affordable price-details-coverage countrywide or very large area maps for RF network design and planning.

The 2D regional statistical database offers both the network operators and regulators a quick and up-to-date statistical database to design country-wide and very wide area network coverage at very affordable price-coverage ratio.

2D Regional Statistical Database

The 2D statistical regional database is a medium (25m) to low (50m) resolution statistical database that offers a very good and attractive price-quality ratio between project coverage area, details and price.


The regional statistical digital map is widely deployed in large area and nation-wide coverage Radio Network planning and design. This set of medium to low resolution statistical database is derived from sources like commercially available topographic maps, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data and medium resolution satellite images.


The regional statistical databases are available in commonly supported data formats for use with commercially available RF planning tools.


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