GEOPeakk is a professional and dynamic company based in Singapore with a regional footprint.

The company offers a wide range of digital mapping and satellite imagery products for radio network design, optimisation and a wide range of GIS and remote sensing applications.

Our product offerings range from high resolution (HR) to very high resolution (VHR) optical satellite imagery products, geographic information system (GIS) databases, high quality deterministic (3D) digital and statistical (2D) digital maps.


Satellite imagery and GIS databases form the core to many sophisticated and advanced remote sensing (RS) and geographic information systems (GIS) applications ranging from urban planning, environmental conservation, transportation, human services, homeland security and many other defense related applications.


High quality deterministic and statistical digital map products are widely deployed in applications like LOS (line of sight), RF site selection and site optimization in the rapidly evolving telecommunications and digital broadcasts industries.


Our valued and esteemed customers and partners include renowned international and regional mobile network operators, network solution consultants, GIS and remote sensing experts, systems integrators and organizations to harness the power of geospatial information to further enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness.


At GEOPeakk, we work hard to deliver high quality products and services, coupled with high level of professionalism, dedication and integrity to support our esteemed customers and partners succeed in their missions.

GEOPeakk strives to be the preferred data partner to our valued customers.



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VBox 881380, Singapore 919191